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Be first in line

Google Chrome Beta is a web browser that does not fall far from its mother tree, Google Chrome. The only difference between the two is that this beta version is on the front row when it comes to the latest updates. Before everything is launched and made officially available for Chrome, Users of this beta browser will get to experience these updates first hand.

See what’s in store on its next release

To improve services, programs offer constant updates and new features. Google Chrome Beta exists to test these new updates out before its release on the market. Basically, users who prefer to browse using the beta version have the chance to test first all of Google Chrome’s new updates and features.

Afterward, they can submit their feedback and opinions, which will be valued and used as a guide by the developers in further enhancing the new features until they are at its peak best. These updates are automatically applied in this browser version but are not intrusive during the download and installation process. 

Aside from new features, Google also aims to better the browser’s performance. One of the improvements being worked on progressively is Google Chrome’s ability to house up to 100 active tabs all out once without the browser crashing or hanging. Its memory usage is continuously being optimized just for this, so if you are someone who has a habit of opening and keeping as many tabs as you can, this beta version is made for you. Another thing that is being tested is the appeal of arranging your bookmarked pages alphabetically, which is ideal for users who would like to keep things organized in their bookmarks list for easier searches. 

How to get Google Chrome Beta

Google Chrome Beta is available in various platforms Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and Chromebooks. However, some platforms require a simple and easy way of downloading, such as Mac OSX, Windows, Linux. In these platforms, you only need to go to the Chrome Beta homepage and download the file. The website will automatically determine the current version of your operating system and offer you the file download that matches the OS version you have. The same effortless method applies to Android. Just install the app from Playstore

Some platforms will demand you to meet certain requirements first before you can install it. In iOS, you need to initially install Testflight—an app that allows developers test applications on mobile devices—before you could download the main file. For Chromebooks, as it doesn’t usually work similarly to other desktop and mobile devices, it compels for more complex qualifications.

To install Chrome Beta, you have to change your system’s released channels from either Stable, Dev, or Canary to Beta. First and foremost, you must sign-in with your account in Chromebook. Then, you need to click settings followed by Chrome OS, Detailed Build Information, and Channel, respectively. Beside the Channel, you will have to choose Channel Change and select ‘Beta’ out of all the options to officially start the installation process. All approaches will ask you to restart the Chrome browser after you finish downloading it.

A work in progress

Google Chrome Beta is more than just a simple browser but a service that is dedicated to improving Chrome to give its users the best and high-quality performance. Other than being constantly updated and installed with new features, it functions just the same as the normal Google Chrome. If you want to be the first to experience the latest updates and have a fear of missing out, this particular Chrome release channel is the one for you.


  • Constant updates
  • Test new features first-hand
  • Use offline web-apps
  • Submit feedback


  • New updates can be buggy until further improved
  • New updates may require browser to restart
  • Cannot regulate new updates and installation of new features
  • Not synced with normal Google Chrome browser

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Google Chrome Beta for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 89.0.4389.40
  • 3.7
  • (5499)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Google Chrome Beta

  • greatgab .

    by greatgab .

    great on from bata
    and we love it this way.
    keep it up.i will love to have latest one again.
    great fetures

  • Joe Art Pelletero

    by Joe Art Pelletero

    very fast.... amazing specially for downloading files and tools.

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    I would recommend it to a friend..
    I think it is the best browser there is.I have tried them all,and none can make the cut like Google Chrome.It More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    king of browsers..
    all you need is here in google chrome best look,thousands of thems to use app store and all new extension and very fast.if yo More


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